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The poster editions shown on this page were published in the 1980's. They are out of print and sold out at the Publisher. Limited quantities are available through girrard.com.

Blue Boulevard

"Gently falling snow transforms the city and warm shop windows beckon, inviting us to enter and linger."

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Boardwalk Flowers

"The smell of the sea, the sound of surf, a time shared at an old seaside resort. We touch and enjoy the romance of a simpler time."

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Paris Twilight

"Twilight falls and Parisian lights assert their majesty. A kaleidoscope of color and activity transform an early evening stroll into a delightful adventure on the boulevard."

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September Song

"What lies beyond the bend of this winding, rutted road? We explore as a gentle breeze rustles autumn leaves, making the music of the season, the September song."

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The Cottage

"The Cottage is a vision of home, a tranquil place of peace, beauty, and security, a place to strengthen bonds."

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Touch of Spring

"Warm sun, the first blossoms of Spring, a quiet walk. We enter into these simple pleasures and find renewal."

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All artwork is offered subject to availability. Prices may change without prior notice. Artwork may be withdrawn from the market at any time without prior notice.