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Original Colored Pencil Drawing

This rare drawing by Thomas Kinkade is believed to be the only existing Kinkade ‘Girrard' colored pencil drawing. Created in 1989, the drawing was intended for use as a remarque on the print ‘Boating Day'. Though Thom originally intended to remarque 15 ‘Boating Day' prints with a similar drawing, to the best of our knowledge this is the only drawing in the series that was created and the only ‘Boating Day' print (whether sample print or numbered piece in the edition) with a colored pencil drawing. Thom did remarque one ‘Boating Day' print with a miniature original oil, the subject of which is different from this drawing, and one ‘Boating Day' sample print with a graphite pencil drawing (see it here).

Original Drawing
Signed “r.g.”
Image Size: 3” x 8”
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