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About girrard.com

girrard.com is an authoritative source for information about Thomas Kinkade's ‘Girrard' work and the ‘Girrard' period of his career. The website is a division of Cottage Gallery, an Oregon based business owned by George Goff. Thomas Kinkade and George Goff began doing business in 1983. Goff represented Thomas Kinkade's original artwork between 1984 and 1990 and has sold approximately 100 of Thomas Kinkade's original ‘Girrard' and Kinkade paintings. Exclusive of resales, Mr. Goff is the only art dealer who has represented original Kinkade ‘Girrard' works. Mr. Goff and Mr. Kinkade at one time co-owned Cottage Editions, Ltd., the art publishing company that published the unique and rare Kinkade ‘Girrard' editions ‘An Evening Out' and ‘Boating Day' in 1989. Mr. Goff has been recognized by The Thomas Kinkade Company as a “historian” for Thomas Kinkade's ‘Girrard' period.